Canada’s foreign policy bureau has condemned the implementation of sharia in Brunie. A tweet released this morning stated “Canada is deeply concerned with #Brunei’s decision to punish members of the #LGBTQ2 community under its new penal code. Canada supports #humanrights for all and will always oppose the #deathpenalty.”


It is encouraging to hear that Canada has taken a stand in this particular instance. Do they take the same stand against Imams in Canada that preach against the LGBTQ community? Is the government of Canada just as deeply concerned about the same views held by imams in Canada concerning this aspect of sharia?

At an April 1996 conference, Canadian imam   Zafar Bangash was criticizing the West for being “proud of being homosexuals,” and saying: “It is time for us to pick up the stones to stone these people to death for [this] abomination… Allah imposes [this responsibility] upon us.”

The Islamic party of Ontario leader  Jawed Anwar posted an article in 2018 warning about the death penalty in Islam for the LGBTQ community. Will the Canadian government act on this?

Many Canadian Imams have spoken out against the LGBTQ lifestyle, some even stating that  the punishment for this is death. Does our government act on this?

Do they condemn mosques and imams that preach/pray for the death of non Muslims, imams that pray for the success of mujahideen (jihadi)?  It is yet to be seen.


via Hypocrisy in Canadian Government – CENTRE FOR INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCH CANADA