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Vital history for Canadians to know

Statement of Claim T2068-18 [below] was thrown out of court, which is fine. Lawful action continues to re-establish governance by the people and to pull Canada from the brink of globalization.

Statement of Claim T2068-18 filed by Nicole Lebrasseur on behalf of The Canadian People’s Union Freedom2017 Inc. Not For Profit [CPU Inc.], was initiated primarily to find out where the Governor General would place herself. The Governor General’s response which read: ‘Her Majesty the Queen and the Governor-General as defendants’ means that the Governor General, whose function is to represent the people, will ‘not’ stand for the Canadian people.

To emphasize Claim T2068-18 could not win, a sheriff delivered a dossier of prior rejected court cases to Nicole Lebrasseur. CPU Inc is not a political party, nor is it a labor union. It is a registry to record the will of Canadians who esign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance to lawfully take back final decision making authority from illegitimate governments. Nicole will proceed with a Public Interest Class Action Case as a true sovereign, as the whole, which includes 37 million Canadians.

The Attorney General has no say about the people going to court with a Public Interest Case.

Edited video transcript condensed using my words. Doreen. Video below.
By Nicole Lebrasseur

The Constitution Act 1982

In 1982, when Canada officially received true independence, without full disclosure and without consent of the people, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and the Provincial Premiers ‘changed’ the authority of the sovereign. The true sovereign is 37 million Canadian citizens as the whole, and First Nations sovereign in their own right, on the other side.

When it comes to sovereignty, the only ones who can make a determination are Supreme Court Judges because they made themselves a Constitutional entity authorized to slap the government if a politician erred but ‘only’ if someone presents a challenge.

Supreme Court judges say they cannot judge on politics because that’s in the hands of the people. So it’s up to the people to decide what we’re going to do with the executives in Parliament, in government, in our provinces, which explains why CPU Inc. is proceeding with the Public Interest Case in the Supreme Court.

The Canadian Constitution does not recognize Canadian citizens as the true sovereigns, so the people need to bring about Constitutional change, not a Constitutional question but to question the Constitution, which is what CPU Inc. is doing so Canadians are recognized as the true sovereigns as the whole; the actual executives. Right now the executive is the Queen.

In 1931 and in 1982, Canadians should have been asked if they wanted to keep a Constitutional Monarchy. The people were never asked. Instead, the government chose Queen Elizabeth II because there was no Queen or King in Canada when they re-established governance. Until the Canadian Constitution is changed we are stuck with how it reads. Judges can only look at what the Constitution says on paper.

Voters and non voters need to know this

Politicians seeking election as well as incumbents cannot change a thing.
In other words, a new political party can be established, and a wannabe politician or politician seeking re-election can say whatever is necessary to get YOUR vote however NO politician is ‘allowed’ to change the system because of the rules of Parliament, until there is a Constitutional challenge.

That change is what CPU Inc. Public Interest Class Action Case seeks to do through 100% VETO power to the people written in a new Constitution, along with explicit details regarding how politicians will carry out the will of the people, including penalties if they breach the agreement.

Any politician unwilling to give the people 100% VETO power over them is not working for the people. Canadian premiers will not change this because they haven’t in 150+ years. So if you think voting will fix anything, think again, because legally NO politician can.

Critical thinking required

The issue facing every Canadian is that Canada is going post national, which means no longer a national country. Canada is being ensnared under global communism that internationalizes nation states toward one-world governance. Borders are being erased to benefit globalists who will move goods freely, and move poorly paid migrant workers easily where needed.

Is any politician seeking election/re-election talking about this?


The Canadian Constitution is above everyone because the sovereign people as the whole, 37 million Canadians have no rights. Only an ‘elected’ government has rights. In 1982, Canada was given independence however the Canadian government and heads of 7 provinces, even Quebec, didn’t clarify this. Instead of giving Canadians the right to choose another system of governance they established a representative democracy dictatorship. The fact that Canadians are only allowed to participate in elections, and vote for a representative prove it is a dictatorship.

12:23 mins Governments worldwide were usurped the same way since 1931. Any type of governance that makes decisions without asking the people what they think is a dictatorship. People can now be sued for saying government a dictatorship. Study the Constitution and Criminal Code because if you make statements about replacing the government, giving yourself titles, changing to a Republic, or taking over the government, you could face a 25-year criminal sentence.

Our money is not supposed to belong to the government yet according to the Constitution, the ‘elected’ government has power over the people who ‘choose’ to be ruled by the will of others. Think about that and this about this …

Dystopian globalization

No politician will change the Constitution so the people need to change it now, before millions more people enter Canada by 2100 [goal is 100 million Canadians]. Who is paying for all this?

Listen closely to politicians and ask deep questions. Ask about Public Private Partnerships [P3s or PPPs] that are new private corporations already in control of our infrastructures, social services, legal aid, pensions, etc. Ask about 100% veto power to the people, referendums, globalization, Constitutional change, otherwise you’re being led down a slippery slope.

CPU Inc. was established to challenge illegitimate representative democracy final decision-making authority, and place final decision making authority in the hand’s of the people, which then require referendums and consent of the people to initiate change. True sovereignty is not an individual, it is the people as the whole because our sovereignty belongs with 37 million people together. We make decisions together regarding our governance.

Our intent is NOT to take over the government, nor is it our intent to overthrow the government. Our intent is to ensure lawful governance, and that Canada is protected and doesn’t fall apart, so payments continue, our pensions, etc. get paid.

Issues regarding our nationality and sovereignty need to be dealt with now because of private corporations presently running our government jobs. These private corporations are above our governments and hold 20 to 35 year contracts.

We need communities of people to take lawful action now

Please go to or and esign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance. It’s not a petition. It is a legally binding contract between Canadians regarding our political aspirations. The people as the whole are the law, and we write this in a new Canadian Constitution for everyone to comply.

The people need to challenge the court to take back final decision-making authority in Canada. The Queen should have been removed in 1960 because England signed a Declaration that is international. It’s a binding law that liberated the countries therefore the Queen doesn’t need to be our Queen but no one changed it. As long as the people do not change this she remains our Queen, and her only right in Canada is to call herself the Queen of Canada because our politicians gave her that right without our consent.

Only the 4 CPU Inc. Directors are liable not any CPU Inc. members. There is a $22.60 [tax in] membership fee for 1 year to access forums etc. Members are not corporate members they are not liable for what CPU Inc. Directors say or do.

The electoral process is a T.R.A.P.

The political choice each of us makes affects the lives of 37 million other people, and determines the fate of Canada as a sovereign Nation.

Don’t be fooled by a new political party, wannabe politicians, and incumbents who will say whatever is necessary to get YOUR vote. NO politician is ‘allowed’ to change the system because of the rules of Parliament, until there is a Constitutional challenge that legalizes such a change.

Because we have a democracy, and vote in elections that gives all the power above the Queen, above the governor-general to the political party VOTED IN, even at 39.5%, which doesn’t meet the 51 percent majority of Canadians who by right, are the sovereign shareholders of Canada as the whole.

By LAW it’s in the Constitution, so judges cannot do anything until the majority of Canadians lawfully CHALLENGE it.

Voting is consent to be ruled by the will of others and not voting is implied consent. The electoral process permits politicians to do as they please until the majority of people lawfully claim 100% veto power authority written in a new Constitution with details of how government carries out the will of the people, and penalties if the agreement is breached.

27:45 mins When it comes to public interest we surpass regular courts, bring all of our documentation to the higher courts, and then to the Supreme Court. Then it becomes a question of the Constitution, which is public interest but there has to be enough people interested for us to get standing in court to proceed.

Own your responsibility to this Great Nation

To PROVE public interest standingesign free the Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance. Petitions are not a binding agreement so they do not stand up in court. Every Canadian needs to participate otherwise we consent to Canada becoming a post national country with no legal status as a country, a free-for-all for migrants to come and Canadians pay for it.

Please go to or and esign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance. You can esign using a cell phone, ipad or computer. Someone in your family likely has access to an electronic device or you can go to a library.

We need to initiate the Public Interest Case via the Supreme Court with this Constitutional challenge now because the Constitution does not reflect the Canadian people who have the right to self-determination, which means no more Queen, and the end of government control over the people.

According to the existing Constitution, a sovereign has barely any rights. This needs to be lawfully challenged in court. Just because the Constitution says so does not mean it’s law. No law is above the will of the majority of the people so technically the people are the law. This is what we need to bring forth. The only way our Public Interest Case can proceed is with PROOF that the majority of Canadians are interested.

Canadians cannot wait for another term

If a politician says he/she will give you direct democracy they CANNOT because of the rules of Parliament. Everyone has to agree between the rules of Parliament, and the rules of governance, and the Constitution, and the only ones who can do that now is the elected government, and heads of 7 Provinces. No one else. If one of them says no we’re sunk.

We need Canadians to join the CPU Inc., esign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance, and promote lawful Constitutional change, which is Power to assure our win.

The only way CPU Inc. can WIN the Public Interest Case is if the majority of  Canadians participate. All that is required is to replace the name ‘Queen’ with ‘The Canadian people’, citizens, true sovereigns as the whole, and 100% VETO power to the people over whatever we decide together.

Stand on guard for Canada

The Canadian people need to be in control of Canada regarding who enters and who does not. Every Canadian is duty bound to know what is going on in Canada, to know your rights, and stand as informed citizens, true sovereigns as the whole.

We know what’s right, we have a solution, and we need to focus on lawfully challenging the Constitution to take back our power, final decision making authority, and Canada.

From Doreen
To free ourselves from enslavement under communist globalization we need to inform Canadians and take lawful action now.

If you live in Canada or if you are a Canadian living outside Canada, please share and invite Canadians to esign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance soonest possible. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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